Top 10 amazing facts about the human body Our bodies are a strange and mysterious thing at times and we each have our own unique features. Sometimes these are small differences that you really have to hunt for and other times they can be spotted from a distance. To you, they may just look like regular bits of your body, but to those in the know, there’s a treasure chest of information stored there. Many cultures believe that the shape of your various body parts can be an indicator of your personality. Roundness, length, sharpness; each feature is studied to reveal your inner nature. The shape of the foot and toe length can show if you’re creative or impulsive. Head size can indicate how you’ll do in old age. Face shape reveals your sweetness or logical nature. Your nose can tell us much about your leadership qualities. The male and female form each have their own indicators, especially around the hips. The width of your lips is a classic test, and I think we all know the stereotypes here. A good strong chin is a desirable male form but what about the other chins? The Chinese have long been interested in ear shape and it’s connection to behaviour. And let’s not forget hands of course, we all love a good hand reading. Subscribe to TheHub For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected]