So generally we have to find out if there is a microorganism or any infection in the urine or not. So putting a urine sample for culture in an aerobic medium, if there is no growth, then it is possible that there is infection. But if the urine has infection and suspecting the growth and the microorganism is there. So growth or no growth depends on the microorganism in the urine or the infection that is present in the urine. So no growth in the urine culture specifies that the urine does not have any infection or the patient may be on antibiotics suppressing growth of the microorganism, then only we can subject the urine to some tests like sensitivity of the bacterial growth, to which antibiotic they are sensitive otherwise is to see if it is acidic or alkaline, does it have RBC’s or casts. So we can subject the urine samples for a routine microscopy and we don’t have to do a culture. Even routine microscopy can give also information on the urine sample.