Paramedics from Fulham ambulance station have been named the winners of the European EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Championship.EMS championships Facing teams from Turkey and Denmark in the final round, Clinical Team Leader Tim Weekes and Paramedics Ryan Parry and Sam Cooper showcased their skills in a scenario involving a canoe accident with four seriously injured patients, with judges commenting that they “solved the very complex case nearly to perfection.” Team Leader Tim Weekes, said “It’s a privilege to represent the Service at such an important event. Scenarios like the ones we’ve dealt with show just how skilled the paramedic profession is. I’m proud to have been part of a great team and to have demonstrated what we are capable of.” Anne Lippert, main instructor of the European EMS Championship said “Of course nobody wants to be part of a major accident, but I can honestly say after today’s LAS performance that if I could choose a place to be traumatised, I definitely wouldn’t mind being in a place where I would be treated by the London Ambulance Service. They did a remarkable job all through the competition.” The European EMS Championship is part of the EMS2016 congress in Denmark, which is held these days in Copenhagen. Over 1,000 experts and health professionals are gathered to find new ways to improve the emergency medical systems around the world. The championship challenges team work, skills, experience and the ability to find a solution in chaotic situations. 12 teams participated from 11 countries.