In this video, Dr. Himanshu Dhawan talks about #deadsperm. Dr. Health contact details: Address: B-41, Derawal Nagar, Model town near GD Goenka School, Delhi- 110009. CALL NOW +91 8882136554 Whatsapp Number: +91 8882136554 Dead sperm are the sperm that are non-motile and don’t have the ability to penetrate an egg. This dead sperm also decreases the #motilityofthesperm and causes #maleinfertility. And these dead sperm cannot move through the fallopian tube to penetrate an egg. It is usually considered as #azoospermia because of the absence of sperm in the semen. Our body’s normal temperature is 37-degree celsius but our scrotum needs 35-degree celsius to make sperm. Along with medicines, a patient must take care of diet and perform regular exercise. #eliminatedeadspermsandincreasemotility