Male Circumcision was one of the earliest operations performed by humans. This procudure has the potential to decrease the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Such as human papillomavirus,genital ulcer disease, and human immunodeficiency virus(HIV) infection. Additionally, it improves penile topical hygiene and reduce the incidence of balanitis and penile cancer. Traditional circumcision and suturing surgery approaches have shortcomings such as complicated surgery, long duration, more hemorrhages, painful, rare neat incision and postoperative hematoncus. As a result I want to recommend our Circumcision Anastomat to you. RYPS Disposable Circumcision Anastomat can solve all problems. The product combines clinical medicine experience and simple structure design to make urological surgeries be refined, safe, rapid and perfect. Disposable Circumcision Anastomat is a surgical instrument for circumcision and suturing surgery on male urology. It is characterized of simple operation, safe, efficient and simultaneously completion of circumcision and suturing. It is a pioneering invention on urological surgical procedures. For More information, please see my youtube or contact me at any time. Wuxi Ryps Medical Appliance Co., Ltd. Add: Ezhou Road 328, Heqiao Town ,Yixing city Jiangsu Province China E-mail:[email protected] Mobile and WhatsApp and Viber: 0086 15949279909 Zalo: 0086 15949279909 Skype:[email protected] Facebook: [email protected] Youtube: Website: