These beverages are charged or aerated with carbonize gas. Carbonation occurs when carbon dioxide is dissolved in water or an aqueous solution (A combination of water and carbon dioxide). This process yields the “fizz” to carbonated water and sparkling mineral water. This Carbonated water drinks can be acidified, sweetened, colored, and often chemically preserved. The water which is used should be well purified and is free of microorganism, dissolved metals, and organic compounds. These aerated drinks are available in different flavors and colors. There are various products that are available in the market for example soda water, dry ginger, fizzy lemonade, ginger beer, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and others (products explained below). Sodium Benzoate (explained in my other article- The Hotel Skills ‘Preservatives’) is a common preservative used in soft drinks. Tonic- It is a carbonated soft aerated drink which is used against malaria as it has prophylactic (Medicine, which prevents from disease), sweetened and flavored with natural fruit and plant extracts including quinine (a drug made from the bark of a South American tree, used in the past to treat a tropical disease) content and is consumed for its distinctive bitter flavor. It is drunk straight with ice and a slice of lemon or added to the cocktail. It is generally used with gin. Ginger ale – Consist of carbonated water and ginger extract or essence. Later to make syrup it is being compounded with sugar, citric or tartaric acid, and colour. They are similar to soft drinks and can be consumed on their own or used as a mixer with spirit-based drinks (Cocktails) or in Mocktails. Lemonade – Consist of lemon juice, sugar, and carbonated water. They are similar to soft drink or promoted as a soft drink and can be consumed on their own or used as a mixer with spirit-based drinks (Cocktails) or in Mocktails. Syrup – Syrup is a sticky thick solution containing a large number of dissolved sugars and often flavored or medicated. The main use of these concentrated sweet fruit flavorings is as a base for cocktails, fruit cups, or mixed with soda water as a long drink