Are you aware of brain disorder? What it’s all about? How to recognize whether you are suffering with it? Here’s all answer to your questions. Watch out here! See also – Watch out this video for some necessary information regarding brain problems and disorder that can harm you if not known. BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL Note: This video is a part of the collaboration between Bob Francis and Consumer Health Digest. Video Transcript: Hi there, My name is Bob Francis and in this video, I’m going to talk about brain disorders. Brain disorder is referred to as condition which causes impairing or debilitating behavior. Causes and symptoms of brain disorders depend on the type. Brain injuries – caused by blunt trauma and they include: Blood clots Contusions, concussions, stroke Cerebral edema Symptoms are: Vomiting Nausea Speech difficulty Numbness Memory lapses, no concentration Paralysis Brain tumors – causes are unknown, signs and symptoms are: Headaches, seizures Numbness/tingling in limbs Nausea, vomiting Personality changes Problems with balance and movement Changes in vision, hearing, speech Neurodegenerative diseases – e.g. Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, contributed by genetics or environment. Symptoms include: Memory loss Poor concentration Agitation, apathy, anxiety Mood swigs Mental disorders – depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, PTSD. Indicated by stress, irritable behavior, mood swings, problems with sleep, appetite, etc. Brain disorders are diagnosed by a doctor who performs a neurological exam to check the vision, balance, hearing, and could order CT, MRI, or PET scan. Doctor might also test fluid from spinal cord and brain. Follow for more health news. ===================== Who are we? is the most trusted health website that offers you information, tips and advice on various health related topics like weight loss, joint pain, menopause, pregnancy and other health, beauty, exercise and fitness related topics. Hope you enjoyed this video! Follow Us on Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Pinterest: StumbleUpon: LinkedIn: Slideshare: Flipboard: Weheartit: Vimeo: Official Site: Our Blog: