Homeopathy is found to be very effective in fungal infections. Patients come to me saying that they are using allopathic medicines and they get temporary relief but when they stop it the problem comes back. So this is the most common statement that most patients talk about. It is most commonly when the immune system is not able to identify that particular organism attacking. So homeopathy deals with building the immune system. So once the immune system develops then it can identify that this is a particular fungus. So based on the persons constitution, homeopathic medicines will work. So each individual is different. There are different factors that contribute to why the immune system works. It is a well known factor that personal stress or office stress can cause your immune system dip. Once your immune system dips then its ability to recognize fungus bacteria and virus decreases and certain specific infections whichever your immune system is not able; to identify may occur. So once it affects then it is important to identify that why this particular issue occurs and based on his body types, personality types, stress level, certain medicines are given. These medicines are constitutional medicines. Thy improve the overall health, they improve overall health. They improve system and help the immune system o recognize the organism. Based on the areas where the fungal infection affects different medicines are given. If the beard is affected tuja is one of the medicines given. If in between the toes , then silacea is given. If in the groin area then graphitis and sulphur is given. If the nails are affected, antim pro can be thought of. If the fungal infection affects the scalp then masserium can be thought of. Different types of fungal infection affecting different areas of the body can be prescribed according to the location. If the fungal infection is in rings then we call it as ring worms. Tellurium is one of the very good remedy. Sepia is another good remedy when the rings are intersecting with each other. So these are the fungal infections. The most common fungal infections we come across is tinea. Tinea then it affects the body then it is called as tinea corporis. When it affects the scalp then it is called tinea capitis. When it affects the nail it is called as tinea angurium. when it affects the groin then it is called as tinea cruris, when it affects the feet it is called as tinea pedia. In different are where it affects it is called different names but the basic organism is the same. Immune system correction is the permanent solution to this particular problem.