The green canopy of tree and sounds of birds in London’s Hampstead Heath inspired me to share this little clip from my qigong practice of teacup! Holding imaginary cups of tea that you do not want to spill, you circle the teacups in spiraling figure 8 patterns around the body. In Chinese medicine, spring and its associated element of wood relates to upward, spiraling growth. Wood in the body manifests as muscles, tendons and ligaments, which I find this form helps stimulate – especially in the arms, chest and upper back. This form also creates balance: With the legs in a deep horse stance, the lower body develops strength and endurance, but as the arms circle the upper body becomes soft and more fluid. This adheres to the Chinese concept of harmonious balance, reflected in art forms such as the calligraphic paintings called ‘Shan Shui’ – or mountains and water. The stillness and endurance of the mountain amidst the changing, soft adaptability of water are depicted together to suggest the sense of a balanced whole. Hope you enjoy this short little form.