Don’t forget to check out our brand new website – This exercise strengthens & improves the elasticity of the pelvis muscles in order to ensure smooth delivery. Subscribe to HomeVeda Parenting – Join us on facebook – ————————————– HomeVeda Parenting – Helping women make an easy & an healthy transition into one of the most important phases of their life – motherhood. Find the right exercise routine for the pre & post delivery period, take care of your newborn & eat right – that & more; all on Homeveda Parenting & all naturally! ————————————– Full Squats: • This exercise improves the strength & elasticity of pelvis muscles Exercise Technique: 1. First, warm-up by marching on the spot and doing ankle rotations 2. Use a chair or wall for support 3. Face the chair and stand with your legs wide apart with toes pointing outwards 4. Slowly lower yourself until your hips are just inches away from the ground 5. Make sure that you do not feel any pressure on your abdomen 6. Slowly, come back to the starting position 7. Try doing at least 8 full squats Make sure your legs are wide apart while doing the exercise. Warning signs: • Dizziness • Abdominal discomfort • Leakage or bleeding from the vagina Tips: • Exercise is recommended in the last weeks of pregnancy once the child’s head is fixed in the pelvis • Avoid exercising on an empty stomach