This training video looks at what it’s like to be LGBT in the workplace drawing from personal experiences from a number of LGBT people and addresses the issues of why your sexual orientation matters. LGBT experiences at work – video transcript sample: Gamal Turawa, a police officer says: I joined the police force approximately 14 years ago. Rita Das, a specialist registrar with the NHS says: I’m a specialist registrar in the emergency medicine. Liz Grant, an IT consultant with IBM says: I work in the IT industry, and my role is as a Business Development Executive. Mike Smith, Head of Policy, Compliance Department, PricewaterhouseCoopers says: I work for Pricewaterhouse Coopers, the world’s largest professional services firm, and I’m currently the head of policy in our compliance department. Stewart Brown, a firefighter says: I’ve been a firefighter since 1989. James Hand, Greater Manchester Transportation Unit, Manchester City Council says: I work for Manchester City Council. My official role in the organisation is currently where i work for the Greater Manchester Transportation Unit. Gamal Turawa, a police officer says: One of my bosses in a previous life was someone who… despite the fact that I was qualified to do various things, never ever gave me particular jobs. And again it goes back to the fact that I knew why, but proving it is the difficulty. Rita Das, a specialist registrar with the NHS says: It’s by exclusion, it’s by being made to feel different, it’s about being, erm, made to feel you can’t quite say, “Well actually I don’t agree with that statement,” because you feel it’s gonna, you know – have consequences for you or your career. Stewart Brown, a firefighter says: Firefighters become extremely professional as soon as a fire call comes in. All those barriers just disappear, and it was such a strange experience to go through because you were doing that and then coming back from the fire, and as soon as you got out of your fire kit, it would just all start again.