Find out more about our Western Herbal Medicine course at Do you want to learn how to use western herbal medicine to treat the body for a wide range of conditions. Graduates of our advanced diploma are able to start their own clinics, work in existing herbal medicine clinics, or participate in the growing number of research projects. Our experienced natural health tutors are here to help, and guide you on your journey towards empowering your passion and becoming qualified in western herbal medicine. HLT60112 Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine. Western Herbal Medicine uses herbs to be able to treat the body.These powerful medicines can be used to treat almost any condition the human body has. A lot of our orthodox medicines are actually taken from herbal medicines originally, with the only difference being that when we are prescribing these herbal medicines, we’re doing so in a way that is going to support the body, and help it to heal itself, instead of just suppressing symptoms. Graduates of the Advanced Diploma of Western herbal Medicine can establish their own clinics, or may like to move into an already establised clinic. There are starting to be more research projects regarding western herbal medicine. At Australis Natural Health College, we also have clinical practical days, and that’s a great chance for us all to get together, meet face to face and to actually discuss all of the herbal medicine theory you have been learning. The advantages we’ve got are flexibility, so you can actually log in and study online at any time that suits you. We’ve got trainers that run live webinars, and if you can’t attend them, then you can always download and listen to the recordings. We have live chats, so Australis is really offering a lot of different avenues and ways to support you while you do your online study. So if you’re thinking of studying natural health, give us a call and let us help you to take the first step. Study your passion. Study Western Herbal Medicine. Australis Natural Health College – A fresh perspective in natural health. RTO 31518