A colectomy is a surgery to remove all or part of the colon. The total recovery time is 1 to 2 months. Patient will not be able to eat solid foods at first. As your intestines recover, you can start eating solid foods. You will be encouraged to walk 4 times a day beginning the 1st day after surgery. After 2 days, you may shower. You can sponge bath during this time. Driving can be resumed after 4 weeks. By 6 to 12 weeks, people are back to normal activity with the exception of any work involving heavy lifting or vigorous sports. For treatment assistance in your country or abroad: Submit your query online at https://www.vaidam.com/lp/consult-online​ Email: [email protected] Phone/WhatsApp/Viber: +91-9650001746 Website: www.vaidam.com Vaidam is an ISO and NABH accredited medical assistance company. Patients from 100+ countries have used our services. Useful Links: India Doctors: https://www.vaidam.com/doctors/oncology-and-oncosurgery/colon-cancer-treatment/india Hospitals: https://www.vaidam.com/hospitals/oncology-and-oncosurgery/colon-cancer-treatment/india Cost of Colon Cancer Surgery: https://www.vaidam.com/cost/colon-cancer-treatment-cost-in-india Turkey Doctors: https://www.vaidam.com/doctors/oncology-and-oncosurgery/colon-cancer-treatment/turkey Hospitals: https://www.vaidam.com/hospitals/oncology-and-oncosurgery/colon-cancer-treatment/turkey