Reserve Now: Born from a fresh design concept, the DJM-V10 is a new breed of mixer, built to enable the most creative DJs to craft original soundscapes. This 6-channel unit produces warm audio with energy and presence, and it’s loaded with unique features. Take full control of your mix and enjoy the freedom to create something the crowd has never heard before. Connect CDJs, turntables, and other line-level audio sources to the DJM-V10’s six channels and use the specially developed 4-band EQ to sculpt your sound. Fully kill the high and low frequencies and play with the two mid ranges, which use an exclusive curve, to mold your mix. There’s a brand-new filter too, controlled by the dedicated knob on each channel. Bring rich texture to your tracks by selecting high or low pass, then sweeping the knob all the way from the left to the right. Unlimited creative options are available thanks to the expanded send/return section on the DJM-V10. You can route audio to one of four built-in FX and up to two pieces of external equipment. Assemble a custom setup by plugging in FX units, guitar pedals, and more to further personalize your performance. Route the audio back to the original channel or mix it straight into the master output. You can also choose to return it to a separate channel and tweak it further with the filter. And you can even use selected smartphone apps in your performances by connecting your device via MULTI I/O. Every aspect of the DJM-V10 has been carefully designed to produce the best audio possible, and to give you the tools to shape your sound. After layering elements and FX with the six channels, use the 3-band master isolator on the master output to drastically change, or fine-tune, the contours of your whole mix. And if you want to play raw, classic recordings with modern, mastered ones, use the compressor – the first of its kind we’ve ever featured on a mixer – and blend together tracks you might never have dared to before. Turn the knob and the loudness of the audio from the selected channel will be boosted, resulting in a more natural mix. Keen to spice up a track? Add harmony and depth with Beat FX including the brand-new Shimmer. Use the new booth EQ on the DJM-V10 to adjust the audio coming through the monitors. And with dual headphone outputs you can comfortably take over the decks from a DJ who’s wrapping up a set, or perform back-to-back all night, without having to compromise on what you hear in your headphones. Features: • Feel the warmth of natural sound and hear every detail. • Studio-quality 64-bit mixing and dithering processing, 32-bit high-quality A/D and D/A converters, and a low-jitter clock circuit work to produce a full low-end, vibrant mids, and precise highs. • You’re free to create your perfect setup with 6 channels and a host of different input types. • Take full control of your mix with the newly developed 4-band EQ. • A built-in compressor enables further adjustment of the loudness of your tracks. • The expanded send/return section enables you to add external FX, or even combine them with built-in FX. • Create unique sounds; the possibilities are nearly limitless • Effortlessly control the tone of your entire mix with the 3-band master isolator, featuring new boost/cut curves and adjustments to the crossover frequencies and other parameters. • Grab the large dials and drive the crowd wild by drastically changing the sound. • The DJM-V10 makes back-to-back monitoring simple and comfortable. • You can tweak the sound in the DJ booth just the way you like. • A lockable power cord is included for added reliability and to avoid accidental disconnections. • Record and archive your mixes via iPhone or iPad, upload your sounds to cloud services or effortlessly live-stream your sessions. Find out more. • Make full use of rekordbox’s low-latency DVS feature for intuitive, smooth scratching. Find out more. • Use Serato DVS to control and scratch with CDJs or turntables (Serato DJ Club Kit license required, available separately – Serato DJ Pro compatibility is coming soon). • Enjoy DVS control via Native Instruments’ TRAKTOR PRO 3 (available separately.) • Use it to intuitively control and scratch with digital audio files stored on your computer. • The DJM-V10 supports the extended PRO DJ LINK ShowKontrol protocol. • This enables DJs, technical producers, LJs, and VJs to use all the key information from the DJM-V10, such as fader and knob positions, to align sound and visuals to create shows that blow audiences away. –––––– Retail Locations • Fast Free U.S. Shipping • Authorized Dealer for All Our Brands • Industry-Leading Support and Service • Dedicated, Reliable Staff. Contact I DJ Now by Phone at: (800) 355-7746 idjnow eBay: Connect with idjnow on social media: #idjnow #pioneer #DJMV10