Music video for ‘Osmosis’, taken from the Twinsanity album Vulture Culture, set for release 20th October 2019 on YouTube: Filmed in Athens Lyrics by : Twinsanity Beat by: Rateone Recording: Bashment Studio Programming, Mixing & Mastering: Dj Micro @ Bashment studio Bashment Records: Melting Records: ► TWINSANITY FB: insta: @twinsanityofficial Spotify: RATEONE Soundcloud: Twinsanity are a hiphop crew based in Athens, Greece. They are twin brothers born in 1993, the crew consists of MC Linkone & Eyekonik. Directed by Oliver Whitehouse: ► Sektion Red: insta: @SektionRed ► Sektion Red Shop: For music video production or other enquiries contact [email protected] ► Lyrics: Eyekonik : What an endeavor to expand street culture in your era. From trial and error to making it solid and better, from letter to letter, through ink on the paper , through thorough work on it, I’m on it , my thought is polyphonic like a schizophrenic, trippin like its hooverphonic on an epidemic, systemically gaining the speed over matter like I am sonic. This world is turning cybertronic, the modern narcotic and if it ain’t posted then it isn’t worth it, yo this is a comedy, Music ain’t property music in means of monopoly is a lobotomy, music in means of monopoly is a commodity, this is the narrative most do it happily, serving this capitalistic anatomy, pardon me am I being a bore? Should I rap about rapping some more? Rapper trappers, clappa clappers, clappa clappa clapping I find them in awe, I find the galore just like galloping hordes towards this mechanical system, mechanical visions, ambitions and dreams. I used to be poor but now I am rich…yeah Frank, but now you’re a bitch and this is the osmosis. Chorus : Osmosis in god we trust and shiny things, Osmosis from feudal lords to kings and queens, Osmosis that blissful metamorphosis. (x2) Linkone : People are talking to me, they say eat properly mate. I’ll use the broccoli as a tool for your colonoscopy, take out the shit from your phony philosophy, I’ll do it properly I will be gentle with all the anomaly, what you ain’t fond of me? Guess who gives a flying fuck about your opinion. And killing a million demons is good for ecology, killing an angel is bad for economy, I don’t know what that means, it just came to me, now that I think of it most don’t make sense to me like. RA TA TA TA TA TA TA most of these rappers getting hype rapping about NA NA NA NA nothing. Honestly feeling like I got a mountain on top of me but, nothing is stopping me nah. All of these wannabees mumble with rhythm, yea fuck what you’re wearing and fuck what you’re dealing yea fuck what you’re sharing to youngsters just tie up the ribbon and fly off away in the bubble your living, don’t call me a hater for exercising criticism to your lyricism, criticism to your … which is turning our culture to grains, working for a mechanism of an organism wanting us faceless with no vision staring in space through a television, this is not dissing this is not competition. This is just drawing the line. Chorus : Osmosis in god we trust and shiny things, Osmosis from feudal lords to kings and queens, Osmosis that blissful metamorphosis. (x2)