In this video, Dr. Himanshu Dhawan will tell ways to increase sperm motility naturally. Dr. Health contact detail Address: B-41, Derawal Nagar, Model Town near G.D. Goenka School, Delhi- 110009. Call now: +91 8882136554 Whatsapp number: +91 8882136554 Tips to be followed- –Arachitol Nanodrops 60k unit can be taken if Vitamin D is below 10 ng/ml once a week helps in enhancing motility. –Methylcobalamin tablets 500 mcg if Vitamin B12 is below 100pg/ml. Reasons for low motility- Season change and Lack of Vit D and Vit B12 Switch to Ayurveda as it works on the root cause of the disease and visible results are seen within one month of treatment. When the patient visited our clinic sperm count was 8 million per ml and motility was 10%. After one month of treatment sperm count increased to 26 million per ml and motility increased to 30%. #Increase_sperm_motility_naturally