ideal waist to shoulder ratio – perfect body shape for a man Go on watching: Reports found that both men and women think the should-to-waist ratio plays a primary role in instantly judging a man’s physique, and this explains why some ripped guys capture more attention in public; getting a perfect body shape for a man also generally have multiple implications, and therefore a series of effects should be counted in it too, such as the optimal level of body fat, lean mass, big shoulder muscles, and a thin layer of waist blubber; however, the ideal shoulder-to-waist ratio is recognized as the most important one among them. This presentation helps you quickly get an accurate measurement of your waist and shoulders; based on this starting point, then it teaches you how to take further steps to figure out the appropriate workouts, caloric intake, and diet regimens, with comprehensively considering your unique body conditions (e.g. age, weight, and height). Regardless of your current body shape, you could expect to achieve a better should-to-waist ratio by applying this set of criteria.