Learn Reiki Healing (The Free & Simple Way)… http://reikiguide.org/learn Anyone can learn to do reiki healing and it doesn’t even take years of practice. In this short but informative video we will give you some important reiki tips and techniques that will show you how to do reiki healing both easily and effectively. To effectively begin reiki healing you will need some reiki training in the form of an attunement from a reiki master which will effectively pass on the energy that allows a person to do reiki healing from the master through to you. Reiki attunements are extremely powerful and highly spiritual experiences that allow the reiki master to open the crown, heart and chakras which creates a special connection between the student and the reiki source. The process of energy transfer can differ from person to person but a single attunement is all it takes to pass on this ability from the master to the student. However since there are multiple levels of reiki you may require multiple attunements over time to learn reiki and move up the reiki levels. These include: Reiki Level 1: This level can help you to heal yourself as well as heal others too. Reiki Level 2: It’s at least four times more powerful than reiki level 1. People should practice level 1 for at least three months before moving on to this level. Reiki Level 3A: This level is also known as a ‘master healer’ and people with this level can send healing energies through thought alone. Reiki Level 3B: This is the teacher master level which allows people to attune others to level 1 or 2. Reiki Level 3C: This level is known as the ‘reiki grandmaster’ and allows others to attune new people to any level of reiki.