This video breaks down the basic Physiology and Functions of Testosterone in the body. 5 Functions of Testosterone: 1: Promotes Muscle Protein Synthesis 2: Inhibits Protein Breakdown 3: Stimulates Growth + Development 4: Bone Density Maintenance 5: Neural Adaptation How Testosterone Works: Testosterone is a hormone that can be bound to sex hormone binding globulin or albumin for transport in the bloodstream. It can be transported into the cell to bind to an aldosterone receptor and enter the nucleus to stimulate transcription of new proteins. Who produces testosterone? Do women produce testosterone? Men and women both produce testosterone. Men produce testosterone in the testes and to a greater extent than women do. Women produce testosterone primarily in the ovaries and to a lesser extent than men. Why testosterone is important? Testosterone serves bodily functions such as muscle building, bone growth, inhibiting protein breakdown, and neural adaptation Best workout to increase testosterone? Typically workout protocols involving large muscle groups, short rest periods, high volume, and/ or high metabolic demand cause a significant acute rise in testosterone levels. Follow me on Instagram: @themovementsystem Want to learn more? CSCS Study Course: The Study course includes In-depth Study Videos, over 200 CSCS Practice Questions, a CSCS Study Guide, and much more! 140 Question Practice Test: ??Click here to Join the Strength and Conditioning Study Group on Facebook! Join the Movement System Email List: Comment below if you have any questions! ? Learn more at Disclaimer: This video does not have any affiliation with, or any recognition, sponsorship, or endorsement by, the NSCA. CSCS® and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® are registered trademarks of the National Strength and Conditioning Association. ✅ Let’s Connect: ? Instagram: @themovementsystem Business Inquiries: [email protected]