Male infertility is common, and is usually responsible for about 40% of all infertile cases. Azoospermia or zero spermcount – can be a very frustrating problem for men. Meaning of Azoospermia or Zero sperm count – Azoospermia refers to the condition in which there are no sperm in the semen. This diagnosis can come as a rude shock, because most men with a zero count have normal libido; normal sexual function; and their semen looks completely normal too. The diagnosis can only be made by examining the semen under a microscope in the laboratory. Some gynecologists and IVF centers will refer you to an andrologist , who’s supposed to be a specialist in treating male infertility. However , the reality is there’s very little this specialist can do for you. Good andrologists will be honest and tell their patients, “Look, there’s no point in wasting your money taking all the empirical therapy we’re going to give you. It’s far better to just go on and do ICSI”. Please watch this video to understand the treatment of male infertility and do subscribe to our channel to be updated . Success story of azoospermia – Also, meet one of our patient who was suffering from azoospermia and read their story of success at Malpani infertility clinic – Feel free to reach out to me I’m Dr. Malpani , i am an IVF specialist. you can drop a mail at [email protected] Our Website is Helping you to build your family ! Please do Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, for regular updates. Also watch – 1) Free second opinion for all IVF Patients –… 2) Preparing for your IVF Consultation –… 3) Why do IVF Cycles fail –… Refer the below links to follow us – 1) Facebook – 2) Instagram –… 3) Twitter – Please send me your medical details by filling in the form at… so that we can guide you better. Watch our infertility cartoon film at Read our book, How to Have a Baby – A Guide for the Infertile Couple, Online at Read my blog about improving the doctor-patient Relationship at WhatsApp us at Visit us at IVF Clinic in Mumbai Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD Malpani Infertility Clinic, Jamuna Sagar, SBS Road, Colaba Mumbai- 400 005. India Tel: 91-22-22151065, 22151066, 2218 3270, 65527073 Drop an Email: [email protected] Read my blog about improving the doctor-patient Relationship at