Learn more about our Sports Medicine Clinic from its director, Charles F. Carr, MD. “Most people who think of a sports medicine physician think that they just take care of the athlete that’s been hurt in a team sport or a high-level athletic event, but that’s not the case, for the most part. That’s a small percentage of what a sports medicine physician takes care of…. the majority of the care we provide is actually to the recreational athlete.” Dr. Carr says that while chronic conditions like long-term pain are often better treated beginning with a visit to your general physician, good cases for seeing a Sports Medicine Clinic specialist would include sudden injuries that prevent you from putting weight on a leg or that cause pain in a particular joint, for example. “Our Sports Medicine clinic really provides a full spectrum of care. It’s not just the orthopaedic care… we also have primary care providers, physicians’ assistants, physical therapists that can provide preventive care, and exercise programs to try to help prevent further injury. “Our primary care providers who work here will also see things that are non-orthopaedic. They’ll see medical conditions related to sports medicine such as exercise-induced asthma or cardiac conditions… it’s not just an injury clinic.” “I was involved in high school athletics, college athletics—it was always a love of mine, and the opportunity to take care of those athletes now as a profession has been a dream fulfilled for me.” For more information about sports medicine at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, please visit http://www.dhsports.org/.