Finasteride is one of the most popular hair loss treatments and finasteride results are extremely positive and successful. Finasteride is very effective to stop hair loss and encourage hair regrowth. If you look at some of the finasteride before and after results shown in this video, you can notice that the hair grows stronger and thicker than before by using finasteride for hair loss treatment. Finasteride can be taken orally as a tablet(finasteride 1 mg tablets hair loss) or as a lotion that can be applied onto the scalp according to the finasteride dosage for hair loss in men and women. The intervals of dosage of Finasteride have to be consistent or else finasteride will stop working effectively in hair regrowth. Increasing the finasteride dose for hair regrowth will not accelerate finasteride results. It could possibly lead to Finasteride side effects and these side effects of Finasteride can be very harmful to your health. So it is always recommended to use Finasteride tablets for hair loss under the instructions of your doctor or as per the directions on the label. In this video, Dr. Vikas Sharma from DermaOne Clinic tells about the following contents- 00:59 What is Finasteride and how does it work to stop hair loss and regrow hair? 01:48 Finasteride tablets for hair loss 02:00 Finasteride dose for hair loss in Men 02:24 Finasteride dose for hair loss in Women (Finasteride for women) 02:30 Finasteride side effects in women 02:45 Finasteride lotions for hair loss 03:00 Finasteride and minoxidil results 03:57 Finasteride side effects 04:40 How to avoid/reduce Finasteride of side effects For more answers to Finasteride and hair regrowth topic please ask us your questions in the comment section. We will be happy to answer your doubts and questions related to finasteride for hair loss treatment. Related video to Finasteride topic: DHT in Hair Loss: What is DHT, Role of DHT in Hair loss | DHT Blockers to Stop Hair loss: To watch more such videos please subscribe to our YouTube channel @ **To talk to our hair experts please visit:** FOLLOW US ● Facebook: ● Instagram: #Finasteride #FinasterideResults #FinasterideSideEffects