“The same tone” is not the same at all. We usually think of a tone as the frequency of one sound: the fundamental frequency common to all instruments exemplified here, but every tone is in fact a complex entity – a chord if you will – consisting of many other simple tones. These simple tones are reiterations of the same energy, on different levels. They are harmonically related to each other (do not confuse true harmony with the simultaneous playing of equal tempered tones). The simple mathematical law governing the harmonic series is depicted here: the fundamental frequency at 128 Hz is harmonic 1, or simply the fundamental. The next harmonic oscillates exactly 2 times faster at 256 Hz; harmonic 3 precisely 3 times giving 384 Hz, and so on. This progression 1 2 3 4 5 … generating aurally unequal tones continues to infinity. Physically, a harmonically rich timbre like that of the sitar or accordion goes beyond the 120th harmonic – visible on the graphic. Musically, the Harmonic Series is nature’s perfect tuning system, generating perfectly consonant harmonies. [Note that “tone” means “sound with regular structure” and has no connection to the definition given to it by Western music theory. Some of the overtone series in the video are not perfectly harmonic, that is, bearing exactly whole number relationships with the lowest frequency, because of the physicality of the instruments. The stiffness of strings together with the exciting action performed upon them (like striking and plucking) are responsible for the stretching or compressing the series into numbers that are not 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 but for example 1 – 2,001 – 3,002 – 4,003 – 5,004 – 6,005 and so on. This is called “inharmonicity”.] The program used in making this video is Overtone Analyzer by Sygyt Software: http://www.sygyt.com/ The sound file analyzed (with a +11dB difference in volume): http://whatmusicreallyis.com/research/physics/wmri_physics_timbre_10_instruments_+11dB_whatmusicreallyis.com.wav More about What Music Really İs: http://whatmusicreallyis.com/