The posture Supta Padangushtasana comprises of three states and is a good asana for anyone struggling with hamstring flexibility because the back is supported by the floor. You might need to use a strap so you can keep your leg straight. Iain Grysak gives the detail of where the actions need to focus on. It is a strong asana on the backs of the legs, hamstrings, and comes about two-thirds of the way through the Ashtanga Primary Series, by which time you have got nice and warm. —————————————————— ??‍? LEARN ★ Stu’s 2021 Yoga Anatomy book! Illustrated Yoga Anatomy Now shipping to UK, Europe and the USA Learn more about anatomy in the context of yoga: ★ Join Stu for a workshop! Learn more about anatomy in the context of yoga: ► Study online with one of our online courses: ► APPS for iOS and Android: – Learn Basic Anatomy with Flashcards – Ashtanga Primary and Intermediate Series Apps —————————————————— ?CONNECT – Instagram – Facebook – Articles, Courses, Apps, Workshop schedule & more