Health information explaining what causes a heart attack. Also see the following parts: “What is a heart attack?”, “How is a heart attack diagnosed?” and “How is a heart attack treated?”. What causes a heart attack? == More Videos in this Series == **Cardiovascular System ** Heart Structure – Blood flow through the Heart – Electrical activity in the Heart – Coronary Arteries – **Circulatory System ** The Blood – Blood Circulation – **Coronary Heart Disease ** What is Angina – What Causes Angina – In development How is Angina Diagnosed – How is Angina Treated – What is a Heart Attack – What causes a Heart Attack – How is a Heart Attack Diagnosed – How is a Heart Attack Treated – **Heart Failure ** What is Heart Failure – What Causes Heart Failure – How is Heart Failure Diagnosed – How is Heart Failure Treated – **Hypertension — Blood Pressure ** What is Blood Pressure – What Causes Blood Pressure ––O0 How is Blood Pressure Diagnosed – How is Blood Pressure Treated – **Palpitations ** What are Palpitations – What Causes Atrial Fibrillation – How is Atrial Fibrillation Diagnosed & Treated – Ventricular Arrhythmias – What is Syncope – What Causes Syncope – How are the Causes of Syncope Diagnosed – How is Syncope Treated – **Valvular Heart Disease ** What is Valvular Heart Disease – What Causes Valvular Heart Disease – How is Valvular Heart Disease Diagnosed – How is Valvular Heart Disease Treated –