Durex Air Condom Buy Now: https://bit.ly/2XxyxaY If you haven’t tried Durex Air, it’s time to give it a shot. According to Durex, it is the thinnest variant among Durex condoms. When you and your partner are love-bitten and experience unstoppable erotic rush, then you may want each other very badly and anything in between you two, including air. Then a regular condom can make the whole thing very unpleasant. For couples who love passionate indulgence, Durex has introduced ‘Air’ condoms. It is an ultra-thin variant that is aimed at allowing couples to enjoy near natural sensation, yet get uncompromising protection against unwanted pregnancy and STDs. The Extra thin ‘Air’ condoms help couples enjoy extra sensation during their love making. Durex Air allows you to feel her body heat as you move in and out of her organ. It is as good as not wearing anything, but you can be sure of protection. This condom is particularly helpful for men and few women who loses their arousal with a condom. Some of the salient features of the Durex Air Condom are: – Ultra Thin – Naturally Soft – Perfect lubrication – Pleasurable Fit – Pleasant Scent It comes with 180mm length and 53mm (+/- 2mm) width, making it suitable for men of all sizes. This exciting condom is straight walled and comes with a reservoir tip, to take on your entire load comfortably. It is lubricated with Silicone Oil to allow you to enjoy silky smooth glide while it will be painless and without any discomfort for her. Why you should try Durex Air? – Durex is a leading condom brand used by men and women across the world for its quality and ease of use. Durex Air being the new variant that is meant to help couples enjoy a ‘near natural’ physical intimacy. – The condom is designed to provide extra sensation and thus greater satisfaction during sex. Yet, couples can get the highest level of reassurance and protection from Durex. – You can minimize the barrier between you and your partner to the least minimum, while enjoying the maximum protection. – The silicone oil lubrication allows you to enjoy penetrative sex that is silky smooth and painless. How to buy it? You can order ‘Durex Air’ online at www.condombazaar.com. You can get it delivered in a discreet pack at your desired location. There won’t be any mention of the word ‘condom’ in the pack and in the bill, including your credit card statement, in case if you buy using your credit card. Your orders will be processed in utmost confidentiality and nobody will know that pack contains condom unless you open it. Order it now and make yourself ready for a passionate encounter tonight. Just experience how it feels to use one of the world’s thinnest condoms which are meant to boost your sexual experience and provide you both with utmost satisfaction. It is very likely that Durex Air will become your favorite soon after your first use. Make it a ‘thin-win’ again.