Sign Up To Get A Customized Diet & Training Program: Follow Total Fitness Bodybuilding on facebook at: Join the Total Fitness Bodybuilding “Inner Circle” Coaching Club at: There are three distinct categories of the human body: First we have the ectomorph. This is the skinny physique that is distinguished by a lack of bodyfat and a thin build. Ectomorph’s have a very fast metabolism and can usually eat pretty much whatever they want without gaining weight. The ectomorph’s biggest struggle is to eat enough food to gain muscular size. But the good news is that the gains they do make tend to be lean solid gains. On the opposite side of the spectrum we have the endomorph. This is the heavy set physique that is characterized by having a lot of excess bodyfat. Endomorph’s have a much slower metabolism than ectomorph’s and they have to constantly watch what they eat or else they will easily get fat. However, the good news for endomorph’s is that they tend to be very big and strong individuals because underneath the bodyfat they generally carry a lot of muscle mass. Many strength and power sports favour the endomorph body type. A lot of the top powerlifters, strongman competitors, wrestlers, and football linemen are endomorphs. And then in the middle we have the mesomorph. This body type have the best of both worlds, a lean muscular build. This is the classic bodybuilder physique. When you hear people talking about someone having good genetics for bodybuilding this is what they mean. Mesomorph body types tend to respond well to changes in diet and training. They can easily gain muscular bodyweight when following a high calorie bulking diet. And they can easily lose bodyfat when following a low calorie cutting diet. All the top pro bodybuilders have this type of physique. Not everyone will fit in exactly to these body types. Most of us will have a combination of the 3. For example, it’s possible to have a slim build and yet still have excess bodyfat around the middle. This is often referred to as “skinny fat”. Some people have a small upper body and a heavy lower body, which is very common among women. Or a big upper body and skinny legs, often referred to as “chicken legs”. But for the most part you will be predominately one of the 3 main body types and you can take steps to structure your workouts and nutrition program to better meet your fitness goals.