“Before You Get Your Hard On, Get Your Heart On.”- Michelle Alva, Tantra Educator and NLP/Hypnosis Practitioner, Life Coach Lingham (Male Genitalia Massage) is a form of Tantra Massage that is designed to awaken a man’s sexual energy and connect them deeply to their heart and soul, and their sex. Men get to lay down and receive their own sexual energy expanding for themselves. This is a beautiful gift to give your partner… some men are so used to giving and protecting, providing for and dont’ make time to receive in this way. Men can learn to have extended orgasms, multiple whole body orgasms, injaculations and feel empowered and energized from learning Tantra Massage. Message me if you like to go deeeper and learn more about Tantra at https://calendly.com/alvamagic Join me for Conscious Sex 101 Online Masterclass at https://wwwconscioussex101.com CLICK HERE for Upcoming Online and Live Events: https://linktr.ee/michelle.alva.love LINKS: [Schedule a COMPLIMENTARY Clarity Call Here] https://calendly.com/alvamagic [Social Media] Join me on FB: https://www.facebook.com/MichelleAlvaPT IG: @michelle.alva.love Website https://www.michellealva.com/