STDs are sexually transmitted disease that they are the commonly acquired infections diseases, got acquired by sexual intercourse can be vaginally anaally or orally. Now sexually transmitted diseases of many types they can be bacterial like chlamydia, Gonorrhea, syphilis, they can be violent like HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, herpes, HPV and they can be parasites like trichomonas. Now all these type of sexually transmitted diseases can be acquired during sex, but they need not be positive as soon as they are acquired. So there is something call a Window Period, a Window Period can be immediately can run up to 8 years in HIV. So this is the Window Period when you could have already acquired the sexually transmitted disease but may not show up in any test. Basically these all sexually transmitted diseases may not be tested every now and then, but if you are having multiple sexual partners then definitely these have to be checked the quite frequently depending upon how your symptoms are. In case of a bacterial infection like chlamydia and Gonorrhea we can do a vaginal swab or if there is lot of vaginal discharge we can go ahead and do a vaginal swab to rule out any of these infections are there, they are usually curable and has to be treated on time. Other bacterial infection called cephalus and other viral infections like HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C all can be detected by a blood test. HPV can show up as any genital wart or cervical erosions which need to be tested, there are specific HPV kits now for HPV test. Person who is doing pap smear HPV test can be done once in 10 years with a regular paps smear every 2 years is quite sufficient. The basic thing of STD treatment or management is prevention which is much more important than treating it. First step in prevention is avoid teenage sex, always use a condom to prevent STD.