In a literal sense, aerobic means with oxygen. It is the use of oxygen in the manufacturing of energy as performed by the muscles. Aerobic exercise is any type of physical exercise performed at moderate levels of intensity for a period of time. In this exercise, oxygen is used to burn fats and sugar to produce adenosine triphosphate which is the basic carrier of energy in the cellular level. An anaerobic exercise usually pertains to the initial phase of exercise, or any short burst of intense exertion, where the glycogen or sugar is consumed without oxygen. These exercises are characterized by increased pace or with greater effort. Anaerobic exercises burn more calories requiring a greater demand for oxygen which are not available in adequate quantities for cells to burn fat. To know more of this type of exercise, watch the full video. #aerobicsandanaerobicsexercise #aerobicsexercise #anaerobicsexercise #differenceofaerobicsandanaerobics #whatisaerobicsexercise #whatisanaerobicsexercise ************ Disclaimer: All information and content on this channel are provided for information and general purposes only. This should not be considered as a medical advice. Always ask for advice of experts and professional or your doctor for all questions you may have. ************ SOURCE: