More than 200,000 people experience cardiac arrest in the hospital each year in the U.S. And when this happens, the highest-quality CPR is vital. However, according to the Resuscitation Journal, CPR skills may decline within three to six months following training. In response, Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center collaborated with the American Heart Association to adopt and implement the Resuscitation Quality Improvement Program®’s RQI 2020 platform to ensure staff are prepared and trained to perform high-quality CPR on every patient, every time. Sharp Chula Vista is the first hospital in San Diego county to adopt RQI 2020. Ultimately, this consistent practice of CPR will help increase in-hospital cardiac arrest survival rates. “We are undergoing a massive change in how we recertify staff for CPR,” explains Sarah Saunders-Harbaugh, RN, a nurse with Sharp Chula Vista. “This is a significant change to our patient safety — every single 90 days we’ll be practicing CPR. I can’t wait to see our results and the increase in cardiac arrest survival rates.” Read more about heart care at Sharp HealthCare: Visit our website: Find a doctor at Sharp: Subscribe or see more videos from Sharp HealthCare: Like Sharp HealthCare on Facebook: Follow Sharp HealthCare on Instagram: Follow Sharp HealthCare on Twitter: Call us at 1-800-82-SHARP