Pursue an exciting career as a Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) at Portage College. EMRs are integral members of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and provide basic life support to medical and trauma patients within health services and industrial settings. EMRs may be the first to arrive on scene, the only provider in remote areas, or work collaboratively in a team with other EMS/health care providers, first responders (i.e. Fire, Police) or industry and community support agencies. Portage College’s EMR program also provides the knowledge necessary to function as a valuable EMS team member and support other related agencies while working together throughout a trauma and / or medical emergency. Portage College’s EMR course is accredited through the Alberta College of Paramedics and successful applicants are able to participate in the provincial examination process to become a registered EMR within Alberta. Portage College’s registered EMRs are employed in various Industry and EMS services within the province and is recognized by Industry and Fire Rescue Services as a recruitment qualification. Come check us out today at http://www.portagecollege.ca/Programs/Health-and-Wellness/Emergency-Medical-Responder or by calling 1-866-623-5551