Baby blues are normal for the majority of new moms. It occures the first couple weeks after you have your baby and cause moodiness and weepiness. If the symptoms last longer than 2 weeks, you may have post-partum depression and should contact your doctor. Post-Partum depression is not your fault; it is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. It’s highly treatable through therapy, a wellness plan and possibly medication. Welcome! Medical Center Health System (MCHS) is the most comprehensive healthcare provider in the Permian Basin. Founded over 60 years ago, MCHS has grown from one community hospital into a family of healthcare providers delivering a broad range of advanced medical services to the people of Odessa and surrounding 17 counties. This includes Medical Center Hospital – our 402-bed flagship facility, the all-new Center for Women & Infants, the Center for Health & Wellness and a growing number of walk-in clinics, imaging centers and physician-led partnerships. Other Health System Websites Center for Women & Infants ( Mission Fitness ( Permian Basin Health Network ( ProCare Odessa (