There are two types of steroids, one is the regular steroid we use in medical parlance which is a lifesaving drug which is called the corticosteroid. There are various names for it. It is prednisolone and various other things which is a life saver. There is also what is called anabolic steroids, which are steroids, but they are meant to increase muscle mass . So consequent to that, when you use anabolic steroids, typically this is used by athletes, that is why you see lot of people putting drugs which are banned, which are not supposed to be used and weight-lifters and sportsmen or even young individuals trying to develop a 6 pack or an 8 pack as they want to call it. What happens Is when you take an anabolic steroid, the body thinks that there is enough steroid and anabolic steroid is testosterone. So the body produces testosterone in the testis. When you take externally, the body think there is testosterone and shuts off production. So moment it shuts off production, sperm will not be produced. So excessive use of steroid , anabolic steroid, causes muscle mass to improve, but shuts off sperm production and it can cause sperm production to come to go zero and most people believe that this will reverse. If I stop, everything will come back to normal, but many at times, it can be a permanent damage, because the brain might have lost the mechanism of identifying and restarting the production defect. So it’s a very dangerous thing, where you take anabolic steroids in order to build muscle and also it has other effects on the body. It can cause prostate to grow, it can cause earlier risk of prostate malignancy. So it is not recommended that you take anabolic steroids. These are shortcut measures to build muscle which are recommended nowadays by trainers because everybody wants faster results, but its not the best way to go. Hard exercise and disciplined exercise is probably the best way to go and I am sure lot of men are going through misery because of using anabolic steroids.