Learn More: https://www.dtapclinic.com/mens-health/penile-infection-treatment/ https://www.dtapclinic.com/mens-health/balanitis-inflammation-glans-penis-forskin/ Join Our Forum: https://www.dtapclinic.com/forum/ Read More: https://www.dtapclinic.com/articles/ Balanitis is a common infection that affects the head of the penis and the foreskin. It is more commonly seen in boys and men who are not circumcised. The Common Symptoms of the infection of the Penis include a sore, itchy and smelly penis, redness and swelling, the build-up of thick fluid around your penis, and pain when peeing. – Dr. Taufiq www.dtapclinic.com Learn More: https://mens-health.sg/balanitis-foreskin-penis-infection/ #DtapClinic #MensHealth #Balanitis