It’s time for us to question the Politicians about their promises. This poem talks how Politicians drives people’s mind. I tried to highlight the issues which can be controlled by the politicians. We are already going through a lot and when we think we have hope on our dear politicians, they turn their back and only make noise during the voting season. So stop the mess and dare to ask. Follow me:- Instagram: Facebook:- Poems For Soul Present:- Stop the Mess Stop the mess, I am stressed. Already on my chest, I carry distress Of your mistakes. Fooling people, With false promises,  Same old stories, Water on crisis, Corruption on the rise. Different plot But the same writers,  Game changers, Mind washers,  No love for the masses.  What to expect, From a beggar? We need a fix, Of our ideologies, No one can drive, My theories,  Surely my ways, Will effect someday.  No love, they do us, Is use as stairway.  International summits, To curb the ISIS, Unfortunately another rises.  How many we are dealing? Number changes,  Then suddenly, Rocket launches.  You know the story, Ends as always.  News channel, radio waves,  Newspaper, Facebook page, Save Syria, send relief package. Then suddenly mortar falls, Breaking the walls,  Yemen on their own downfall.  So many wars,  Internal, external. For power, For more border.  Come as one, No more separation. We are dealing situation, Deadlier than natural calamities.  Political game, Street violence,  Bodies lay dead. Loss for some, Win for some.  Hope you understand  We can’t be used for your upgradation.  So stop the mess, Come as one,  If you love us, Give up you brands.  We don’t need parties , For we do on weekends Instead we need reforms, Welfare, benefits and no division. Take my advice, Serve first, profit later Nothing can suffice,  Your hunger, your desires.  Mess you’ve created Since fight for freedom started.  You revolted against them Now we revolt against you.  Tit for tat, And now we’ve become brave heart.  So be true of whatever you do.  We’re ready against all feuds. Don’t make it worse,  Price surge, no jobs,  No proper laws, What is even worst,  We’ve become animal, Performers of social circus. Living in misery, Sweating and bleeding off our insecurity, You make us bleed off our need.  Stop playing the good. For we know your bait.  This is the time, Change your mind, Come as one, No brands, We need change in actions.  Stop giving assurance,  Don’t prove your innocence,  You just make sound pollution.  Active during voting season Then busy solving corruption, Black and white on papers. Stop Manipulating Facts & spreading rumors For one day, later or sooner you’ll lie underground. What is the worth? Your mother giving you birth, When you can’t, with your power Make our earth A better place to live and love. ©Sallon