Full Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL70FFA73F1B1F0BDE – – Like these Massage lessons !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1IAinBB Watch more How to Do Reflexology videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/501562-10-Techniques-for-Infertility-Reflexology With reflexology, we just want to be giving attention to the body and helping it to relax so that it can be ready and relaxed to get pregnant. Some of the areas you want to focus on, and this is for men and women, are the reproductive reflexes, certainly. So there is through here, your uterus reflex, and it’s on both feet. So this is the internal, this is your medial aspect of the calcaneas, this heel bone here. So you can thumb-lock that area. Now with reflexology you’re sending the message through the system for a certain organ or part of the body to relax. So we’re sending the message for this part of the body to relax. We’re going to do that for both feet and also do that on the ovary reflex, which is on the outer part of the feet. For men, it’ll be the same with the prostate and the testes. So give attention to that area. You also come across the top of the foot here, between the foot itself and the ankle. Right across here, you have like a lymphatic groin reflex area, for women the fallopian tube reflexes. So come across, using just a finger walking technique. I sometimes will secure it with that third digit to keep that first finger down, with this finger walking all the way across. Then certainly, you can add other reflexes as well if it’s all about stress reduction and relaxing. So you don’t just have to do the reproductive reflexes, you can also do the whole endocrine system reflexes, starting with the pituitary gland right at the top here. In the center of the big toe, support it and then just come in with one bite of that thumb walking. You’re just going in and coming back out. Penile gland just right beside it, in and out. Endocrine gland reflexes, you can find on any reflexology map. You have your parathyroid and your thyroid gland reflexes. Thymus reflex. This is also in both feet. Coming here adrenal gland reflex, pancreas, and you’re going to end with ovary reflexes. You can just hold the heels and do a little bit of heel retraction at the end. You can end with your solar plexus reflex. So coming in with your thumbs and then just leaning forward into the point. And again with infertility and these kind of things, you just really want to relax the body. So those are some of the points you can target for infertility and reflexology.