Chest Compressions in Infant CPR is the focus of this lesson. CPR for infants and children is almost identical. The frequency and depth necessary for appropriate compressions is explained. Performing compressions correctly is essential. “CPR for infants is almost identical to CPR for children, making steps for compressions just as similar. In infants, push hard and fast as you would in a child or adult receiving CPR. Position the infant on a firm, hard surface to make giving CPR easier. Then, move any clothing away from the chest. Place two fingers of one hand on the breastbone right below the nipple line. Push straight down approximately 1.5 inches (that is 4 cm) at a rate of 100 to 120 beats per minute. Let the chest recoil to its normal positions after every compression. Performing compressions correctly is essential and can be physically tiring. If someone else can help, switch off every two minutes while minimizing interruptions during compressions.” Need certified or rectified in CPR, visit ************************************** Follow us on social media! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn: Website: To find out more about the Save a Life Initiative and the Disque foundation please visit our site or email us at [email protected] Together, let’s save lives.