Learn Reiki Healing (The Free & Simple Way)… http://reikiguide.org/learn Whether you’re intending to use reiki healing on yourself (this is called self healing), with clients or even through distance healing then there are some things that you are going to want to know to make sure that you’re healing is effective. In this video we’ll share and go over some of the most powerful reiki healing tips that can be used to ensure that you’re reiki sessions are performed properly so that results can be maximized. Some of these tips include things like practicing regularly (particularly when you are just starting out), getting plenty of sleep, drinking plenty of water and doing a variety of things that help to cleanse your chakras. The simple process of going through our everyday life can easily lead us to picking up a lot of negative energy and by the end of the day it’s possible to lose this energy but with tips that we will share in this video you’ll be able to reduce your negative energies and restore the positivity in your life.