In this video, Dr. Himanshu Dhawan provides exercise for #erectiledysfunction. Dr. Health contact details: Address: B-41, Derawal Nagar, Model town near GD Goenka School, Delhi- 110009. CALL NOW +91 8882136554 Whatsapp Number: +91 8882136554 Erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain #peniserection during #sexualactivity. Exercise will help the patient and increase blood flow to the pelvic region. There are 3 exercises that help a patient with erectile dysfunction: 1. #DhanurAsanas Lie on your stomach and then hold your webs with your hands for 5 seconds and relax after every 5 seconds. A patient should repeat this 10 times. 2. Keep back in contact with the floor. Raise your legs straight up. Repeat 5 times. 3. #KegelExercises Lie on the floor, tighten your pelvic muscles and repeat it 12 times.