Best bodies of 2016, people’s choice. Here are YOUR most inspiring physiques of the year, based on the most-viewed new videos of the year. Featuring three world champions, three Olympians and two European champions, your selection also includes brand new stars for 2016 who epitomise the New Aesthetic Generation. THANK YOU FOR 25 MILLION VIEWS IN 2016 – LOOKING FORWARD TO MORE GREAT THINGS IN 2017 If you want to watch the full videos that the list in based on, click here: AJ Ellison – SHOULDERS OF THE GODS Zac Ainsley – NEW KINGS OF AESTHETICS 2016 Jeff Seid – THE RETURN OF JEFF SEID Justin Gonzales – TRAIN SMART FOR THE PERFECT CHEST Dom Nicolai – THE BODY OF 2016 Don Akim – WORLD’S BEST PHYSIQUE OVER 45 Ryan Terry – 12 WEEK SHRED FOR OLYMPIA Williams Fallade – BEASTMODE BICEP CHALLENGE Mike Thurston – THE FITNESS MODEL BODY – LEGS Jeremy Buendia – BEST BODIES AT FIBO Andrei Dieu – TEEN SENSATION TRAINS BACK & ABS Armando Fogaca – SECRET TO GREAT LEGS Ross Dickerson – CHEST & TRICEPS – ROSS DICKERSON Sergi Constance – INSANE BACK WORKOUT Justin St Paul – LEG WORKOUT Alex Edwards – 5 ESSENTIAL EXERCISES Nelson Lopes – BODYBUILDER’S TINY 27 INCH WAIST Robin Balogh – ULTIMATE SHOULDER WORKOUT Elton Mota – MEN’S PHYSIQUE POSING MASTERCLASS Issac Paul – BODYBUILDER AESTHETIC MUSCLE GOD Follow us on Instagram and Facebook #fitness #workout #gymmotivation AND CHECK OUT THESE VIDEOS CURRENTLY TRENDING ON FIT MEDIA CHANNEL: