Check out the whole series of Semen analysis videos. Click on the below links: Semen analysis Complete Video: Semen Analysis 1-6 Liquefaction time, Volume, Colour, pH, Odour, Viscosity: Semen analysis Sperm Motility Test: Semen analysis Sperm Viability Test: Semen Analysis Sperm Morphology: Semen analysis Sperm Count: Semen analysis Fructose content: Eosin and Nigrosin Stain Preparation (for Viability Test): #MedicalLab #ReproductiveBioLab #AnimalPhysioLab #CytologyLab #ThomasTKTungnung Sperm count is the number of sperm cells found in 1ml of semen. Total Sperm Count is the total number of sperm cells found in the total volume of semen obtained in a single ejaculation event, that is Sperm count X Semen volume In this video, We’ll be using the Haemocytometer with WBC pipette to perform the sperm count. First prepare the counting chamber by placing the cover slip in position. Keep this aside Now, Draw liquefied semen sample till the 0.5 mark of the WBC pipette. Then Draw the semen diluting solution till the 11 mark on the pipette. Gently wide off excess fluid from the sides of the pipette tip. Now Place the loaded pipette in a horizontal position and Gently mix the contents for a minute or so by rotating the pipette between the palms. Discard the first 2-3 drop from the pipette. Load Counting chamber with the diluted semen sample. Place the loaded chamber under the microscope and let it rest for a minute or so. Under 40x objective, Begin counting the sperm cells within the 4 corners and the central small squares of the central large square. Remember to Apply the thumb rule of cell counting by excluding cells found along the bottom and left borders of the squares. You can also check out my video on the Haemocytometer. Click on the link in the video screen and it’ll take you there. This is how sperm cells will appear within the small squares of the counting chamber. Repeat the counting process in the other second counting grid of the counting chamber as well Take atleast 2 such readings for both counting grids and take the average of the readings. Calculate the sperm count per ml using the formula: No of sperm cells x 20 Sperm cells/ml = ———————————— x 1000 0.02 Or in short: Sperm cells/ml = Sperm counted x 1,000,000. Total Sperm Count = Sperm count/ml x ml of semen sample (ejaculate). This formula is used when – Counting is done in the 5 small squares of the central large square – WBC pipette (having 1:20 dilution mark) is used. Sperm count above 15million cells per ml of semen is considered normal. Sperm count below 15 million cells per ml , also know as Oligospermia, is one of the leading causes of Male infertility Oligospermia can have a variety of causes such as Infections and other medical conditions in the reproductive tract or in the testes Chemo and radio therapy Varicocele STDs Vasectomy Frequent Overheating of testicles Occupational exposure to chemicals and radiation Drugs, alcohol or tobacco use. Anxiety, depression and other mental issues.