FITT 1 VIDEO ACTIVITY Skill-Related Components of Physical Education Exercise Agility is the ability to change the position of your body and to control the movement of your whole body. Ex. Hexagon Agility – 16 counts Balance is the ability to keep an upright posture while either standing still or moving. Ex. Biking – 16 counts Speed is the ability to cover a distance in a short amount of time. Ex. Mountain Climber – 16 counts Coordination is the integration of eye, hand, and foot movements. Ex. Ball wall pass – 16 counts Reaction Time is the amount of time it takes to start a movement once your senses signal the need to move. Ex. Ball Passing – 16 counts Power is the ability to perform with strength at a rapid pace. Ex. Vertical Jump – 16 counts The six skill-related components of fitness contribute to your ability to successfully participate in sports and activities. Video editor used: VivaCut Kinemaster 剪裁 VLLO Disclaimer: I do not own any music/picture in this video except for editing. ©️ ALL CREDITS GO TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNERS skills related exercises skills related components skill related fitness exercises physical fitness components skills related fitness test agility exercise balance exercise power exercise reaction time exercise coordination exercise speed exercise 6 components of skills related