In this video, Dr. Himanshu Dhawan talks about low sperm count and its treatment. Dr. Health contact details: Address: B-41, Derawal Nagar, Model town near GD Goenka School, Delhi- 110009. CALL NOW +91 8882136554 Whatsapp Number: +91 8882136554 The sperm count which is less than 60million is known as Oligospermia and it can cause infertility in man. And if not treated not time, it can further result in azoospermia. Doctors usually provide medicines that enhance sexual power but not sperm count. It is important for patients of oligospermia to take the right treatment and increase the count of sperm. Oligospermia patients usually suffer from poor nutrition, indigestion, colitis, and IBS. An adequate amount of sperm helps to increase sperm count.