BTEC First in Sport Unit 1: Fitness for Sport and Exercise Fitness Testing Learning Aim C So fitness testing is an integral part of any training program, with a coach using regular testing to inform further training, setting goals and targets, while also monitoring progress towards these goals. Before a test should be administered there are several things that need to be completed and considered. The first is consent from the participant. The performer should be fully aware of what is involved in the test and gives their consent for the testing method to be followed exactly. Any equipment should be calibrated to ensure it gives accurate results, while the reliability and validity of the test is also considered. The reliability of a test means that the results would be fairly consistent if the same person did the same test over several occasions. If the test was unreliable there would be a great variation of results. The validity of a test is how accurate the results are in respect to what is being tested. The practicality of a test is also a consideration. The majority of the tests involved in this course do not have a high cost and can test a large number of subjects in a relative short amount of time. On the other hand, there are a range of fitness tests that require costly equipment, are not time efficient and require special expertise to administer and analyse the results. These are the fitness tests you need to be familiar with for this course: 1. The Sit and Reach test assess’ the flexibility of a subject. 2. Hand grip strength is tested using the Grip Dynamometer. 3. The Multistage Fitness Test, also known as the bleep test, and The Forestry Step Test are both measures of aerobic endurance. 4. The 35m Sprint Test evaluates a subjects speed. 5. The Illinois Agility Run tests a subjects speed and agility. 6. Vertical Jump Test is a test of anaerobic power 7. While the one-minute press-up test and one-minute sit-up test are both assessments of muscular endurance. 8. Body Mass Index, the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis and Skinfold Testing all evaluate body composition. This summarises all the training methods and fitness tests you need to be aware of before completing the end of unit exam. You should of completed some of these tests in your PE lessons, but if you want to review them again there are several apps available that help you explore these tests. For example, there are several free multistage fitness test apps available. Overall you need to have a good understanding of what fitness component each test is trying to evaluate. We will go through each test in more detail in future videos, so subscribe to see more videos. Follow on Twitter Instagram Thanks for the support. If you want to support this channel then check out the My Protein range through my link below. MyProtein Discount code Bow10 for 10% off