Here is a quick & effective warm up for you to follow along who is working out at home. This 5 minute warm up routine consists of full body dynamic stretches which helps to not only warm up your entire body but loosen your cold muscles so that you are able to effectively start your workout. You should do this before every workout to stretch your muscles. 0:05 – Jogging On The Spot 0:37 – Neck Circles (Change direction after 15 seconds) 1:07 – Arm Circles (Change direction after 15 seconds) 1:39 – Chest Stretch 2:10 – Side Bends 2:43 – Windmill 3:14 – Quads Stretch 3:45 – Low Lunge & Twist 4:18 – Standing Crunch 4:50 – Jumping Jacks ▶ Home Workout Programs: ⭐ Support the channel & receive exclusive 1-to1 consultation: So if you’re looking to make a change to your fitness lifestyle from home, consider subscribing! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! – Music by NEFFEX