The Sports Medicine Division at Boston Children’s Hospital provides comprehensive multidisciplinary care to athletes of all ages and abilities, from professional athletes to eager novices. As the first pediatric sports medicine center in the country, our team has provided the most innovative care available for the last four decades. Our award-winning physicians have changed history by leading ground-breaking research in the lab and clinic, and by delivering the best care for each athlete’s unique needs and goals. Contact the Sports Medicine Division 617-355-3501 International: +1-617-355-5209 For more information visit: Consultation and Emergency Care A sports medicine physician is on call 24 hours a day for emergency sports injury care and consultation. Subspecialty Services Prevention of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears Knee injuries Lower back injuries Sports-specific training Hip arthroscopy ImPACT testing Female athlete triad Sports psychology Rehabilitation Comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitation programs are thoughtfully woven into the treatment plan at the start in order to provide the best possible outcome for orthopedic injuries. Counseling Psychological counseling is available to help injured athletes deal with the stresses of a sports-related injury. Pre-participation evaluation Pre-season physicals—which are usually required for sports participation by schools, summer camps and organized sports—are important not only for following standard rules of sports organizations, but because it is an opportunity for a physician to actively prevent sports injuries. These evaluations help identify any pre-existing conditions that could affect the type and amount of physical activity for an athlete. Evaluations are available by appointment, and take into account the athlete’s age, sport and level of competition. Sporting Event Coverage Physicians are available to provide medical coverage for a variety of dance and sporting events, particularly football and hockey games, as well as performing arts events on a scheduled basis. Coverage for mass participation sporting events is also available.