#ESR #SedRate #Inflammation #Doctor Doctor explains what a sed rate is TIME STAMPS: 0:29 What is an ESR? 2:58 Why is it used? 3:46 Normal ranges of an ESR Hello everyone! My name is Mitch. I’m first year internal medicine resident physician from the USA and welcome to the channel all about the science of wellness & medicine. Each week I’ll be releasing a video explaining the science of a specific topic of wellness & medicine. These include topics such as: diet, sleep, meditation, productivity techniques, exercise, mental health, medical conditions, and lab/imaging testing just to name a few! If there are certain topics you want me to cover leave a comment or get in touch with me! If you ever want to get in touch, feel free to message me on Instagram, Facebook, and/or email. Check out my website where you can find all the information in both searchable and written formats. WEBSITE: wellsci.me IG – instagram.com/wellsci10 FB – facebook.com/WellSci10 Email – [email protected] Thank you so much for checking out this video 🙂 * The information in this video is not to be a substituted for medical advice from a medical professional. All the information present is for general explanation and not a replacement for professional medical advice/care.